R|D Journal: Kingdom

Many people have been asking us what the lyrics to our debut single Kingdom mean and who wrote them, what the story behind the video is, etc. so we are going to answer them for you! 


First things first...

It is important to remember that all of our music and lyrics end up being a collaborative effort from all the members of the band. A lot of times someone will come to the rest of the group and say "I wrote this really cool riff, do you want to hear it?" or "check out this line that I wrote last night!" and then we all sit down together and listen and contribute constructively. 

In this particular case, the idea of the lyrical content behind Kingdom came from Syd and Caitlin. It is essentially about not letting anyone get the better of you and standing your ground when someone is treating you like you are "less than". Everyone in this band was bullied at some point in their life. This song is essentially telling all those people who told us we were "weird" or "different" (like that's a bad thing) that we aren't taking any of their crap anymore.

That is something that is actually a common theme throughout the whole album, which you will learn in other blog posts where we talk about the other songs (assuming this is stuff that you guys want to know about other songs)!


The musical content for this song had a really bumpy road to being our single....

Originally, this was the worst song on the album. Sometimes songs come out of you and you are like THIS IS THE ONE THIS IS IT! And then other times you get what happened when we wrote Kingdom.

It was the last song we wrote and we just couldn't figure out what we wanted to do with it. The chorus was in 3/4 for a while and things were getting out of hand. We eventually decided that we needed to pull a riff that was originally in Lock & Key, another song off our upcoming album Far From Strangers, and put it in Kingdom.

As soon as we did, the song came alive. Kingdom continued to evolve through our pre-production work with Don DeBiase at Studio D in Cleveland, Ohio (Yes, Ohio. Yes, we actually drove that far to record, and yes we are crazy). It was definitely one of the most collaborative songs on the album from all of the members of the band and now we can solidly say that is a favorite! 


The video is the brain child of the 5 goofiest people you have ever met.

We look all cool calm and collected on stage but when you actually meet us (as many of you can probably attest to) we are weird. And when we say weird, we really mean it. We do all kinds of strange things and have so many inside jokes most people can't even follow the conversations. Oh, and if you have sensitive ears and don't like loud noises, we are not the people to hang out with! 

The point is, the idea for this video is bizarre and we understand that it doesn't really go with the lyrics all that much. In the video, we are taking over a bouncy castle at a child's birthday party which basically ends in us getting captured and throwing cake at small children. The whole idea behind the video was to show that we are goofy and weird and (occasionally) funny. 

We would also like to remind everyone that no children were harmed in the making of this video, in fact they were very well fed and got to throw cake at "grown ups" so it was a good day all around. Huge thanks to Alex at Boundless Visuals for putting up with us! 


Well...that about does it! 

If you have any other questions about Kingdom, please go to our Contact page and let us know what we missed! 

Be on the lookout for more R|D Journal entries coming soon!