What does Reason Define mean to us?

Coming to the decision to change our name wasn't an easy one. We had been The Reason You Stayed for 3 years and it is still something that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

We decided that we needed to change because we have grown so much since the beginning of this band. We started as a cover band that was just playing shows for fun. As time went on, we knew this was something that we wanted to do for the rest of our lives, most importantly, together.

We basically came into this band as strangers (except for Syd and Shelby of course) but we really didn't know each other all that well at the start. After going through the writing and recording processes as well as all the challenges our personal lives have thrown at us, we have constantly leaned on each other for support. We all have said at one point or another that this band is something that has kept us going through the hard times. That the music we create and the friendships we have nurtured has been the driving force in our lives time and time again.

We all agreed that we wanted our name to not only reflect the growth that we have made over the last 3 years as a band (and as people), but also to reflect the bond that we have as sisters.

When we sat down to figure out what we were going to say about what Reason|Define means to us, we didn't all get in a room and figure it out together. We wanted to make sure that what we said was truly in our own words and with our own feelings so that our fans could get the most genuine answers possible.

So we separated and sat down on our own and filmed the segments of the video posted on our Facebook (which you can watch here) explaining about what Reason|Define means to us. When we watched them all together we had a good healthy cry and hugged it out. It really has been a crazy year for all of us and we are all so fortunate to have each other for better or worse.

This is what Reason|Define means to each of us:

Paolina - The name Reason|Define gives me a constant reminder of the support that I have gotten over the past 3 years. I would've never been able to show who I am and do what I love without the support I've gotten from my band. They've shown me all the reasons to define who I am to every one else and define what I love to do. I would've never had that and I would have never been who I am today. So I want to be able to show everyone else the reasons why they can define who they are to everybody and anybody and why you're worth it and why you deserve to do what you love.

Caitlin - This band is the reason why I haven't completely lost my mind in the past 6 months since my Dad passed away. When he was in the hospital they didn't even question it, they were just there for me and they have always been there for me. This band defines unconditional love and acceptance.

Shelby - What does Reason|Define mean to me? Reason|Define means that 3 years ago my favorite person in the whole world, my little sister, and I met the 3 most important people in my entire world and we decided to form a band and these incredible ladies have helped me to define who I am as a person, who I want to be, what my aspirations in life are. Because of them I am now standing here doing what I love, pursuing what I love with 4 of the best people on the planet and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sav - What Reason|Define means to me is finding your purpose for what you're doing in life. Everyone has a reason that they do what they do whether it be pursuing your dreams, helping other people, or conquering your fears. The reason this band means so much to me is because they have taught me how to be myself. The support from these girls has helped me become a person that I never thought I could be. Reason|Define is a constant reminder to love myself for who I am.

Syd - Being the youngest member of this band has been kind of hard and that's mainly because I've had to grow up quickly and develop who I am as a person while also try and be in this band. There have been a few bumps in the road but I have also really been able to become a person that I'm proud of. Reason|Define to me means that I'm getting to define my reason for being here and for being alive and being able to play on stage and be an idiot and really have the ability to not only be myself and like myself as a human but be able to make some of the greatest friends that I'll ever have and have them always by my side. I'm not really done defining my reason and I don't know when I will be but I have 4 girls beside me to help me figure it out.