Interview: Rock Wired Magazine

By Rock Wired Magazine

REASON DEFINE, originally your name was THE REASON YOU STAYED if I'm not mistaken, how come the name change and what made you decide on the current name? Does it have anything to do with being a HOOBASTANK cover band and trying to move on?
For the record, we have never played a HOOBASTANK song! We changed our name to REASON|DEFINE because we thought that it was time for a change from our name that we came up with when we were really young. It was time to grow up and move forward with our debut album with a name that more accurately described our music and our commitment to each other. 

Tell me a bit about yourselves, what do each of you bring to the band and even outside of the music, how do you stay occupied?
We don't really have much of a life outside of the band, it really takes up the majority of our time.

You've raised quite a few eyebrows in the CHARLOTTE music scene over the past few years, how do you feel as though you fit in with the surrounding bands and what ultimately sets you apart from them? How do you shine in your way?
There are a lot of really talented musicians in CHARLOTTE and the surrounding areas and we have made a lot of friends over the past few years. I think what sets us apart is the fact that we are all female and that we have a really active and engaging live show. 

How many releases do you currently have out as of now and were can readers find them to listen?
We have one full length album out that released last year called FAR FROM STRANGERS. It's available on all your favorite music streaming sites as well as iTunes and you can buy a physical copy on our website REASONDEFINE.COM

In changing the bands name, did you also rebrand your EPs prior to doing so or are they still available under your initial name?
We changed our name right before our release so that we won't have to worry about people trying to find our music under another name later on down the line.

Coming up in 2018, what do fans, new and old have to look forward to? Do you have any upcoming releases that you are putting together?
We are working on writing a second album! We are hopefully going to finish recording by the end of the summer! We will be playing a bunch of shows and doing weekend runs to the surrounding states so make sure you keep an eye out for us! 

How would you define your style and what  are your biggest influences in writing/recording music? 
We have a hard time classifying ourselves as one specific genre since we have influences all over the map. I think its safe to say that the last record had more of a classic rock feel to the music and the production and this time we are moving towards a more modern sound and feel to the music. I think the biggest influences this writing cycle are TONIGHT ALIVE, GIDEON, EVERY TIME I DIE, STATE CHAMPS, PHINEHAS, PIERCE THE VEIL, and PARAMORE to name a few. Like I said, we have a very eclectic musical taste between the 5 of us which translates into some really interesting combinations for songs. 

For people who haven't seen you play live, what word would you use to describe your live show? If there was any single one, what would it be?
Energetic! We work really hard to interact with the crowd during our live show and we try to make sure that the performance is just as fun as the music.

In your time together, do you have any moment so far that you would describe as a peak point?
I think we can all agree that our peak point thus far in our career would be playing the Fillmore. Playing on the same stage that we have seen so many of our favorite bands play on was a dream come true! 

What is next for you, what do you see in the future for REASON DEFINE? Do you have any set goals that you are shooting for?
Our only goal is to work hard and take this as far as we can. We are planning on releasing our second album later this year.