RD Road Trip: Day 7

We woke up to the message that every band hates to see when they are on tour: that our show for the night is cancelled. We immediately started messaging bands and venues trying to find a show to hop onto that night. The out pouring of people wanting to help us out was really heartwarming and we appreciate everyone who gave us a hand. We ended up playing with Ultra Deluxe and Absinthe Father at OPEN Community Arts Center in Louisville, KY. They were so incredibly sweet to us. The Prodepresants also came out to see us so it was really cool to see those guys again! 

One of the most important things for us is bonding activities. We are all really close friends and we have no problem being around each other for long periods of time so tour is basically like the worlds longest slumber party. Paolina and Shelby decided that they were going to take advantage of the giant jacuzzi tub that we had in our hotel room and take a bath while eating the pizza that we ordered. 

Tonight we are at the Hoosier Dome in Indy and the show is off to a great start! Brave the rain and come boogie with us!