RD Road Trip: Day 9

You know the feeling when you are 5 years old and you drive up to Disney World for the first time? If you haven’t been to Disney World just pretend like you know what we’re talking about. That is the exact feeling that we got driving up to Sweetwater. It’s a giagantic complex kind of like Apple or Google where everything an employee could possibly need is all in one place, including a slide. A SLIDE. We got our guitars fixed by the guitar doctor and browsed all of the crazy stuff that you can purchase there like $2000 pianos and gorgeous PRS guitars. 

Then we headed out to The Glory Hub in Fort Wayne for our second show with Hail Your Highness. Though the venue was really cool once we got there, getting our equipment up a giant flight of stairs and down 2 crazy long hallways was no easy task. The sound guy was bumping some straight jams so that really helped. After a killer night we checked into our hotel and fell asleep as soon as we could so that we could head out to Cedar Rapids Iowa for the last day of the Reason Define Road Trip. 

Thank you Michael for putting up with us for the past 9 days. Hopefully we don’t break your spirit with day 10!