Featured: Listen Local Series Kicks Off in High Gear at The Underground

After Something Clever’s set was over, the crowd in the venue began to thin out fairly quickly even though there was one more band to go. The ladies of Reason Define rushed as fast as they could to get set up and start their set. For those that left early, you should have stayed put, because you missed one hell of a performance by Reason Define.

I have to give major props to this band because Something Clever put on a show that would be hard for many to follow but Reason Define came out and absolutely nailed it. It had been quite a while since I last saw them perform live, in fact too long, and I forgot just how good this band is. Leading off with “Start Me Over,” they had a commanding presence from start to finish. By the time they got to their second song of the night, which was a cover of The Clash hit “Should I Stay Or Should I Go,” they had the audience completely on their side. People were shouting and singing along and having a great time which is what a great rock show is supposed to be like. Lead vocalist Paolina Massaro sounded fierce and guitarist Sav Ruff and Shelby McVicker were spectacular. Drummer Syd McVicker and bassist Caitlin Rutkowski provided a solid backbone, holding everything together. These five ladies know how to rock and ended the evening of rock with style and aplomb.