Featured: Idobi Radio Rise Rock n' Shine

Who: Reason|Define is a girl group that knows how to rock. With a new album + tour on the horizon, we’re betting 2019 will be their biggest year yet.

What: An exclusive first listen of their brand new track “Mirrors”.

Why: “Mirrors” is a piano led ballad that goes straight for the heart, letting you leave your worries wrapped inside its melody.

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“‘Mirrors’ is not only different from every song on this album but also from any song we’ve ever released as a band. In Memory… is designed to have two songs for each stage of grief. ‘Mirrors’ is the first song for depression. This song is about that moment when all hope seems to be lost. It is for when you’ve hit rock bottom and you don’t have anywhere else to go. We want the people listening to our music to know that we’ve all been there. Every member of this band has been at their lowest point in life and didn’t know how to get up. This song is for anyone going through that right now, and is a reminder that you’re not alone. It is okay to have these feelings but it is also important to know you can ask for help.” – Reason|Define