Featured: RAW RAMP

The all-female Charlotte, NC hard-rock/post-hardcore band REASON|DEFINE have released a punchy new music video for “Inferno”.

The video gives an insider look into the world on tour and the live music experience. Mosh pits and head-bangs a-plenty as fans to enjoy the band’s anthems with their friends and fellow music lovers.

The video transports an audiences to the roots of what hard-rock music is all about: as [fictional] keyboardist Viv Savage once [never] said: rock is about “Having… a… good… time… all the time...”

Reason|Define create a community where the music is central, regardless of personal background. By showing what fans can expect at a live show, it gives them a chance to see how they can interact with the community and become a part of the Reason|Define fan base and family.