Music Monday: Anonymous Concept


Anonymous Concept was formed in Spartanburg, SC, during the winter of 2013. Three guys, who all enjoyed playing music, decided to put a plan to a dream. Inspired by many artists from many genres, their music has a sense of the rock 'n roll that is no longer around. Having different backgrounds, and so many different influences, Anonymous Concept has developed their own style of music. Two of the members, Michael and Bryan, have been playing together for almost a decade. The most recent addition to the band, Greg, has adapted and added to the chemistry that Michael and Bryan had together. With Greg being added to the mix, Anonymous Concept music and playing style evolved. Three guys, playing what they love, and playing with a purpose. What once was a dream, now is a plan.


What we have to say about Anonymous Concept

Anonymous Concept are some of the hardest working dudes that we know. They gave us a shot and helped us get into one of our (now) favorite venues: GroundZero. They played so many cool shows last year including with Bobaflex a few months ago. All around great guys who love what they do and love this scene. We are playing with them this weekend on January 14th at the Soundbox Tavern. You can get more information on that show here.

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