music monday

Music Monday: Violent Life Violent Death

Violent Life Violent Death are a crazy energetic hardcore band that knows how to throw down and party hard. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these awesome fellas this weekend at Clevercon at The Fillmore and we can't wait to share the stage again. Not to mention they have some of the best merch around! 

Their next show is on October 28th at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro! For more information, click here.

Music Monday: Skinn Jakkitt

We are so excited to share the stage with these local legends this weekend at The Wizard Saloon in Hickory, NC! 

SKINN JAKKITT is power, groove, metal and crunchy goodness that will set your speakers on fire!! We got the Beast of Vocals with the Rip Van Beard Power Lung thrower from hell Greg Stephens! We got the wall of doom bassist that will drop kick you in the teeth, Mr. Jeff Hayworth! On lead guitar we have "The Metal Riff Master" Barry Lee Sams sawing down massive forests with his viscous distortion! Mr. Shane "Leeroy Chicken Feather" Farris is slamming his megaton Rythm guitar sound to blast you at a 100 miles away!! And Mr. Isaiah Lee, keeping it tight with mega power thunderer of the drums!! We love what we do and want to bring you into our world! We all Hail from Western NC, and came together out of fate, and the dream of making music our life! So any chance you get to see us, don't miss it!! LOVE AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS!! We love you long time!!

Their musical influences include: Pantera, Black Sab, Metallica,Megadeth, Iron Maiden, COC, Slayer, Anthrax, Fear Factory, Roy Acuff, Engleberg Humperdink, Liberace, BLS, Liza Minnelli, etc.

Music Monday: What to expect at GroundZero on 1/28!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the bands we will be playing with this weekend, here is a look into some of their music! 


It isn't very often in today's heavy music scene that the listener can dive right into a band knowing exactly what they're in for. With names that are designed to grab the listener's interest--but often music that fails to do the same--checking out new bands is a gamble, or, was a gamble. With North Carolina's latest addition to the downtempo deathcore scene, Filth give the listener a picture-perfect premonition of their sound before they can even press play. Murkier than a tar pit and harsher than a jackhammer burying into the listener's ears, this sinister Shelby quartet are here for one thing, and one thing only: to inflict the most damage to the listener in the shortest amount of time possible, and they do it with unbelievable efficacy.

Their album God Has a Plan will be released on the night of the show so make sure you pick up a copy! 



The marriage of forward-thinking heavy metal arrangements and synth-pop might sound a bit risky, but not only does EVERTHRONE make the unlikely stylistic combination work, they also make it all feel seamless and natural, a testament to the group’s profound talents. In an age of fly-by-night, Internet hype-driven metal acts, EVERTHRONE march to the beat of their own drummer, giving hope to those who care more about songwriting mastery than the flavor of the week.

EVERTHRONE is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Amorphis, Tears For Fears, Symphony X, TYR and Warlord



The concept behind the music of Kairos. is a tale of epic proportions. The Charlotte band creates an intense experience for fans by incorporating the concept story into their music, which is a combination of tech heavy riffs and melodic, atmospheric soundscapes.

Their debut EP "The Hologram Project" was independently released in 2015, and since then the band has shared the stage with many great acts, including Symphony X, Parkway Drive, We Came as Romans, Overkill, Counterparts, and more. Their 2016 EP "Fission Spectrum" is their most intriguing work to date, as it blurs genre lines between progressive metal and its heavier neighbors. Relentless aggression one moment and static tranquility the next work in concert to bring the concept story to life, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats.



Jynzo started as other bands fell apart. Powerhouse guitar player Nick Sellers came together with Jeffrey Seagle to write amazing arrangements with incredible composition. Corey Phelps joined and with his jazz training and incredible work ethic, the band formed. Samuel Gibbons, classically trained orchestra monster came through with the low end as he had been working with Nick from the start. Landis was brought along after his previous project slowed down and finally took on the project full time. JYNZO was formed.

A body, a being, an entity. JYNZO



A brand new melodic hardcore band from Charlotte, NC. Spending most of 2016 finding their members and honing their sound, they played their first show in Summer of 2016. They have an EP set to come out sometime in 2017. 

ARBORLEA is recommended for people who like Counterparts, Hundreth, and Defeater.