RD Road Trip: Day 10

Honestly, I didn't want to write this one because I knew that it would mean that tour is over and none of us wanted to go back to real life. It is truly incredible how a week and a half can change your life so drastically. How after you get out there and give 110% to your passion you remember why you do this and why there is no other place you would rather be than on the road playing music with your 4 best friends. 

In the middle picture is a beautiful young lady named Chelsea who donated to our van fund and drove all the way from Wisconsin to see us on our last tour date! Thank you so much for your unwavering support! 

We couldn't have made it through this road trip without Michael, the best tour manager/dad-ager/van driver/sexy merch man on the planet. Thank you for putting up with us for 10+ days. We love you always! 

Iowa definitely gave us the tour close out that we needed to make the trek back home. We made so many new friends and fans on this tour and we can't thank you all enough for coming to see us! Hopefully we will be seeing you all again real soon! 

RD Road Trip: Day 9

You know the feeling when you are 5 years old and you drive up to Disney World for the first time? If you haven’t been to Disney World just pretend like you know what we’re talking about. That is the exact feeling that we got driving up to Sweetwater. It’s a giagantic complex kind of like Apple or Google where everything an employee could possibly need is all in one place, including a slide. A SLIDE. We got our guitars fixed by the guitar doctor and browsed all of the crazy stuff that you can purchase there like $2000 pianos and gorgeous PRS guitars. 

Then we headed out to The Glory Hub in Fort Wayne for our second show with Hail Your Highness. Though the venue was really cool once we got there, getting our equipment up a giant flight of stairs and down 2 crazy long hallways was no easy task. The sound guy was bumping some straight jams so that really helped. After a killer night we checked into our hotel and fell asleep as soon as we could so that we could head out to Cedar Rapids Iowa for the last day of the Reason Define Road Trip. 

Thank you Michael for putting up with us for the past 9 days. Hopefully we don’t break your spirit with day 10! 

RD Road Trip: Day 8

You know how sometimes you hear a band or see them live and you are reminded of why music is important? You are reminded of why you put your body and your mind through hell and back to create and perform music for the masses. We were lucky enough to play with a band last night that did just that. Hail Your Highness, thank you for lighting a creative fire in us that was so very needed at the end of this run. Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. You are some truly talented women! 

As we are nearing the end of our road trip we are faced with the reality that “real life” has to start back up again very soon and that we can’t stay on the road forever. We are eternally grateful for the people who helped us get this far by buying merch, donating to our van fund, and coming out to shows! The love and support we have seen on this tour for regional and local music is beyond measure. If you want us to come to your city on our next road trip, please comment below where you live! 


Tonight we are heading to Fort Wayne, Indiana! Thank you to Oxford Media Productions for coming out to both of our Indiana dates to take pictures for us! See you tonight!  

RD Road Trip: Day 7

We woke up to the message that every band hates to see when they are on tour: that our show for the night is cancelled. We immediately started messaging bands and venues trying to find a show to hop onto that night. The out pouring of people wanting to help us out was really heartwarming and we appreciate everyone who gave us a hand. We ended up playing with Ultra Deluxe and Absinthe Father at OPEN Community Arts Center in Louisville, KY. They were so incredibly sweet to us. The Prodepresants also came out to see us so it was really cool to see those guys again! 

One of the most important things for us is bonding activities. We are all really close friends and we have no problem being around each other for long periods of time so tour is basically like the worlds longest slumber party. Paolina and Shelby decided that they were going to take advantage of the giant jacuzzi tub that we had in our hotel room and take a bath while eating the pizza that we ordered. 

Tonight we are at the Hoosier Dome in Indy and the show is off to a great start! Brave the rain and come boogie with us! 

RD Road Trip: Day 5 & 6

We had a blast in Nashville! We got to see our buddy Austin Huelsbeck who is working on a special project for us for LP2! Heretics and Of Serpents were extremely welcoming and made the Radio Cafe feel like home. We love it when we play with really heavy bands because they always end up being the most friendly and respectful people. 

Metal dudes are the best dudes - Syd

We were lucky enough to have a day off in Nashville for day 6 of the Reason Define Road Trip and we had so much fun exploring the city. The Johnny Cash Museum was the highlight of the day. It is so amazing how one person could have so many singles released and platinum and gold records!

It's time for day 7 and we are ready to kick it in Kentucky!