R|D Journal: Thieves

Thieves is one of the most dynamic tracks on our record. It has a really good balance between complicated drums and belting vocal melodies. We worked hard to encapsulate the feelings of the lyrics in the way that the song progresses and changes. 

At our album release, I said the following statements before and during Thieves: 

“Alright. I'm gonna get serious with you guys. How many people here have been hurt by someone you love? Me too man. Me too. It sucks. How many people here have accidentally hurt someone you love? This next song is about how I accidentally hurt someone I loved by stealing something from them that wasn't mine to take. I started thinking about how our desires sometimes override our morals and how that is really not okay. This song is called Thieves. 

Charlotte. I challenge you to find the thief in your life. It could be yourself, it could be your best friend, it could be a family member. Identify the thief. Whatever is stealing your happiness cut it out. You are the only one who has control over your life, your surrounding, and your mindsets.” 

I think that both of these statements encompass what Thieves is about from my perspective. I hope that you guys can find your own story in Thieves because writing the lyrics to this song sure did help me work out the solution to my own story.

- Shelby